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SS3_kyojim.comGame Details :

Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Coldwood Interactive
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date: 9 February 2016
Size: 2,6 GB

Description :

Download Unravel PC Game Full Crack Free – Experience a Heartwarming Tale. Unravel introduces Yarny, a character made from a single thread of yarn. Inspired by environments of Northern Scandinavia, Unravel is a physics-based puzzled platformer. Yarny is a representation of the ties that bind loved-ones together. Embark with Yarny on a grand adventure to reconnect the long-lost memories of a family.

Game Features:

Environment. Inspired by the breath-taking, lush environments of Northern Scandinavia, traverse nature’s beauty as well as the dangers that it has in store.
Puzzles. Using Yarny’s thread, interact with the environment to swing across a tree gap or hitch a ride on a flying kite, no feat is too big. The tools may be simple but they have ability to accomplish complex puzzles.
Underlying Story. Unlock a heartfelt story re-connecting the memories of a long lost family. The tale is told completely without words, and Yarny is the bond that ties everything together.

System Requirement :

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 – all 64-bit
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2. 4GHz or AMD Athlon Phenom X2 @ 2.8Ghz AMD
Graphics – requires DX11 class hardware and DX11 feature set
• Desktop: GeForce 450GT or Radeon HD 5750 or better, with 512Mb or greater
• Laptop (Mobile): GeForce GTX 745M, AMD Radeon HD 8650G or Intel 4400 or better

Screenshot :



Download Unravel-3DM

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